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Whether you consider yourself a challenged test taker, average, above average, highly competitive, or somewhere in between, Prepworks customizes your course so it’s a perfect fit for you.


Learning Positioning System® Technology

Winner of Tech & Learning “Best of Show” for three years in row — 2015, 2016, and 2017 — Prepworks Learning Positioning System (LPS) translates the science of one-to-one tutoring to an adaptive, online platform. Prepworks LPS technology employs intelligent software to deliver prescriptive instruction across multiple subject areas. LPS technology provides trillions of Personalized Learning Paths per subject area to serve the needs of every learner, from the most challenged to the most advanced.


Similar to a GPS, Prepworks LPS locates a learner on a given path and recalculates each learner’s progress in real-time. Providing each student with the virtual experience of an expert tutor, LPS continuously measures the student’s potential and performance in a given lesson to adjust content, style, sequencing, and level of difficulty at every turn. Additionally, all content provided by Prepworks LPS is designed for 21st century assessment and tested on mobile devices.

Your Best Score, Guaranteed!

Our proven track record of thousands of students across 26 states and 44 countries means one thing for you – we guarantee your improvement.

Prepworks Score Guarantee:

  • Improve a minimum of 200 SAT points
  • Improve a minimum of 3 ACT points
  • Earn a passing score or higher on your End of Course Exam

We calculate student improvement from students’ official exam results.

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Prepworks is much more than video lessons and practice questions. Our LPS technology customizes your course based on your performance and potential and delivers Personalized Learning Paths to help you achieve your best scores.


HD Videos 

We won’t bore you with a teacher in front of a white board! Our short videos are animated, engaging, and developed by our award-winning creative team to help teach you the concepts and strategies needed to earn your best scores. With Problem Solving videos and Strategy videos, our test experts teach you essential concepts and test-taking strategies with a cohesive step-by-step methodology.


Skill Assessments

Your performance matters! Skill Assessments provide LPS with thousands of data points to measure your understanding and potential in a given lesson. Your performance on these Skill Assessments helps to determine the personalized playlist of content that you receive.


Skill Reviews

Similar to Skill Assessments, Skill Reviews test your knowledge on specific lesson areas. Pulling from our extensive cloud-based question bank, Skill Reviews can be taken multiple times as practice, helping you achieve your personal best.


Practice Tests

Full-length Practice Tests simulate the official test taking experience, providing students with instant score reports and feedback while also helping to combat test anxiety.

CORE Knowledge Toolbox™

Our Toolbox allows students to search through thousands of videos using key words, Common Core State Standards or specific State Standards.


Practice Questions

Prepworks courses include thousands of real test questions specific to your performance levels that are designed to push you the next level. Our questions allow you to practice what you’ve learned, and each question includes step-by-step solutions that are specific to your academic level.


Virtual Office Hours

Connect with a live Prepworks expert instructor for up to 2 hours per week! Ask questions and get the additional help you need during Virtual Office Hours.


Reports and Data

Real-Time reports track and measure performance, mastery, time-spent, performance against standards, and more.

Personalized Learning: Anytime, Anywhere

Our courses are fully responsive and available on any internet-ready device, so you can access a unique and personalized learning experience whenever and wherever is convenient for you. No messy downloads, no apps to load, just login and learn!


Add One-to-One Tutoring to Your Program


Virtual Private Instruction (VPI)

Virtual Private Instruction is private tutoring for today’s virtual world. With VPI, you will meet your Prepworks Instructor in a private, web-based study room for one-to-one instruction at the time and place most convenient for you.

For 10 years, we’ve prepared students by not only teaching test strategies and techniques, but also ensuring that every student has the core knowledge to succeed.

Our Program Advisors will build a personalized program for you based on your exact needs and academic goals. We’ll assess your baseline, learning style, scheduling needs, and score goals to match you with the right tutor and program.

We guarantee results and teach 24/7.


In-Person Tutoring

Prepworks proudly offers in-person tutoring for students throughout the South Florida area. Our expert instructors are trained in all major standardized tests, including: PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests.

Prepworks also offers subject-specific tutoring across all academic areas, including Science, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Social Sciences and History.


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